Hands Free Universal Bluetooth Remote Control for TikTok Youtube Ins ext. APP / E-Book Turn Page / Selfie Camera Shutter for iPhone iPad Samsung Mobile Phone

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The main function:

1: Short-cut video such as vibrato micro-view is liked on the homepage, and the video can be operated without any hands.
2: Vibrato, Microvision, WeChat friends circle, mobile phone camera, B612, Faceu, camera 360, etc. All camera photos and video functions can be controlled by this remote control.
3: Youku, iQiyi, Tencent video and other software for watching TV dramas can use the remote control to fast forward and rewind and one button to mute.
4: The e-book software application and webpage that turn the page left and right can be turned over by the remote control.
5: Parkour games and 2048 games that only need to slide up and down and left and right can be operated with this remote control without obvious delay.
6: Just link Bluetooth, no need to make any settings, no simulator, completely foolproof operation, Apple mobile phone, iPad, Android mobile phone, can use this remote control normally.

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