Magic Cable, Magnetic Cable, Lighting Charging Wire Redesigned Absorption Nano Data Cables for iphone ipad mobile phones PC

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Description: Never feel messy with this charging cable! Meet all your needs with no knottiness! Easily coil and release in your fingertips. Space saving and no disturbance in your workplace. Nimble and durable to be folded and keep in shape with no tangles! Enhance your working efficiency with 2.4A fast charging technology. Quick and well-organized on the go! FEATURES User-friendly : easily coil and release, no knottiness Space-saving - keep your workplace neat and tidy with no disturbance Save your time with high efficiency - charing fast on any devices Flexible & Durable - made of premium magnetic accessories

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Very durable and a good value for the money. You don’t realize how much you need a ten foot cord until you have one... We love them.
These cords appear sturdy, and are functioning well so far. A great value!
Like. Much better build they should last longer
So far these cords have performed fine. We use them for iPad and iPhones. Seem to charge quickly and they are made well.
These cables work great with my 8 plus. I can get a full charge in less than an hour. Having different lengths is a plus, shorter ones to use with the charging hub, and longer one for at my desk. They have a tight connection unlike the one that came with my phone. Very flexible so they don’t get caught up too easy.
These are so much better than a standard charging cable. Just put the magnetic adapter in the charging port and then connect the magnetic charging cable. So easy to use. I have them all over the house and in the car. They're great!!
Good price, well made and excellent value.
if you want! Great way to charge. I just let you know keep the small charge head in your phone or iPad what Evers. You don’t have to move away! Just switch magnet head on each drive!the cable quality is good! Softer! So happy shopping for that. Recommend it
Works good. Deisgn is fantastic. I keep one in every room of my house and my car. Great value .
So far the product has exceeded all of my expectations for performance and durability
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